The efficacy and product research and development of jujube


Jujube, also known as jujube, jujube, good jujube, for the prune perennials tree jujube tree fruit.Warm taste sweet, heart, spleen and stomach, and peach, plum, chestnut, apricot and called the ancient five fruit.Jujube has been cultivated in China for more than 7,700 years. It is one of the fruit trees with extensive planting area, large scale of development and remarkable economic benefits. It is also the largest dry fruit tree species in China.At present, 21 counties and cities of 9 provinces and cities in China have been listed as jujube township.

Specific nutrients

Red jujube polysaccharide

Jujube polysaccharides are water-soluble, composed of multiple monosaccharides, and have more complex structures than proteins and nucleic acids.Jujube polysaccharides can effectively remove oxygen free radicals in the human body.Pharmacological studies have confirmed this.Jujube polysaccharide also has the following effects, namely: blood flow, phlegm, cough and meridian activation effect: can also promote the proliferation of lymphocytes, can effectively enhance the organic immunity, immune enhancer, can act on immune cells, indirectly inhibit tumors.

Red jujube

Adenosine cyclic phosphate

 Chemical formula CH.NO, molar mass 329.206 g/mol.It participates in the regulation of life organism operation and is known as the "second messenger" of life information transmission.It can effectively promote the myocardial cell survival, reducing myocardial cell injury, and to promote the Car + to myocardial cells inside flow, enhance the phosphorylation, obviously improve the contraction ability of cardiomyocytes, also can increase the blood volume, at the same time, can also expand peripheral vascular, reduce cardiac ejection resistance, reducing load before and after the heart, increase the discharge of blood, improve heart function.

Vitamin P

Chemical formula c. h5,00, belongs to flavonoids, vitamin P is rich in red dates.Its content was considered to be the crown of fruits and vegetables, and the measured vitamin content was 162.40 mg/ 100.000 g.

The health care effect of jujube

Inhibit cancer cells

Jujube is rich in cAMP and stable.It has been proved by experiments that cAMP in leukemia and solid tumor cells is decreased. The proliferation of tumor cells can be significantly inhibited by adding cAMP or its host organisms in the culture of tumor cells in vitro or increasing the content of cAMP in cells.Additional, jujube is rich in vitamin C, can stimulate airframe to produce interferon, enhance fight disease Lin < ability.

Protect liver to protect spleen

Experimental proof,acidic polysaccharide, glucose and fructose can participate in the process of protecting liver and protecting liver. The ingredients of triterpenoids contained in jujube can inhibit the virus activity in liver.People with chronic hepatitis have lower egg white matter, and jujube is rich in amino acids, which can promote the liver to synthesize protein, and make the ratio of globulin and albumin more appropriate, to prevent the human body from the appearance of low protein symptoms.In clinical practice, jujube is often used for chronic hepatitis and early liver F sclerosis adjuvant treatment, eating 20 jujube a day can prevent hepatitis.

Beauty &skin care

"For good skin, add red dates to porridge".Jujube rich in vitamins, especially fresh jujube the highest, so there is "vitamin pills," said.Vitamin C can promote the synthesis of collagen in the body, delay the aging and prevent the color spots.Vitamin C has strong chemical reducibility, can participate in the REDOX reaction in the body, prevent the melanin from chronic precipitation in the body, thereby reducing the formation of age spots, making the skin white and delicate.

The nutrition of jujube

Nourish qi and blood

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that "qi and blood are the foundation of the human body, and blood tonic is what women need".Iron is the gas station of people's blood, it is the important material that maintains life, it is also the essential material that promotes vitamin B group metabolization, manufacturing heme.Most of the iron in the body is used to produce heme, if people lack iron in the body, will suffer from a variety of diseases, such as blood disease iron deficiency anemia, hemoglobin disease, and jujube contains a lot of iron, eat more jujube can effectively prevent the above diseases.

Enhance the immunity of human body

Lang xicai (1991) confirmed through experiments on mice that jujube polysaccharide could improve the immune function and the role of anti-radiation damage in mice, and the anti-complement activity was significantly enhanced: jujube polysaccharide could also promote the proliferation of spleen cells and lymphocytes, which indicated that jujube had the function of enhancing immunity.In addition, a large number of carbohydrates in jujube, such as glucose, fructose, sucrose and glucose and fructose composed of oligosaccharides, arabinogalactose and galactoglycan can also enhance human immunity.Moreover, the various vitamins in jujube, such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin C, have a strong tonic effect, enhance the body's resistance to disease and enhance the body's immunity.

Prevention of cardiovascular disease

Jujube is rich in vitamin C and vitamin P.Vitamin P can prevent capillary embrittlement caused hemorrhagic blood, used for the adjuvant treatment of hypertension, thrombocytopenia, at the same time, vitamin P and vitamin C have synergism enhancement effect, promote vitamin C in the human body's savings, reduce the level of blood fat inside the body, timely prevention of vascular wall sclerosis.In the meantime, still can maintain hemal flexibility, reduce capillary permeability.

CAMP in jujube can enhance myocardial contraction intensity, promote the expansion of coronary arteries, improve myocardial nutrition, and inhibit platelet aggregation.The nicotinic acid in red dates lowers cholesterol in the body, which can prevent heart pain, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis.

The health care effect of jujube

Research and development of jujube series products

Nutritive jujube wine

This product selects the excellent special yeast low temperature drunk brewing technology, using juice treatment, anti-aging treatment, jujube wine modification, membrane filtration and filling and other international advanced brewing technology equipment.According to the characteristics of Chinese people's diet, the product has the characteristics of fruity flavor, elegant and harmonious body, rich in nutrients needed by the human body, and can comprehensively and balanced supplement a variety of nutrients needed by the human body.

Instant nutritious red date powder

China has the habit of eating jujube, and jujube part is the common dry jujube deep processing into the micro powder product, greatly enhance the human body to jujube digestibility and utilization rate, and the product sensory experience is better, consumers eat more convenient.Jujube powder is widely used in health drinks. It can be used as health food and functional food to improve human body immunity. It can also be used as senior drinks and pharmaceutical raw materials.

Red jujube snack food - low temperature Fried crisp jujube

Although Fried food is delicious, it is harmful to human health.It is well known that incomplete combustion of organic matter produces a carcinogen called benzopyrene.Cooking oil contains these substances when heated to a temperature that produces soot.However, crisp dates are deep-fried at low temperature, different from the general frying process.In other words, in the vacuum condition, the raw materials of jujube can be made at 85~ 105 C, effectively avoiding the damage of high temperature to food nutrients.At the same time, in the vacuum state, jujube cells in the immediate polymerization of vaporization expansion, has a good expansion effect, the product is not only good color and flavor, but also crisp.In addition, low temperature frying can prevent grease deterioration, improve utilization rate, reduce cost, product safety and health.

Red jujube

Compound jujube functional drink

Energy drinks refer to drinks that adapt to the nutritional needs of some special groups by adjusting the components and content proportion of natural nutrients in the drinks. They are suitable for specific groups to drink and can adjust the body functions without the purpose of treating diseases, including nutrient drinks, sports drinks and other special drinks.First of all, it is rich in mineral elements, mainly containing potassium, magnesium, chlorine, sodium and calcium these five elements: second, it is rich in vitamin C, supplement water at the same time, supplement necessary nutrients;Finally, the concentration of sugar is 2%~8%. If the concentration is too high, the intestinal tract cannot absorb it well. If it is too low or not, it cannot "accelerate absorption and replenish energy".Compound jujube functional beverage with jujube, radix rehmanniae as raw material, using a variety of kinetic energy plant raw materials, will have different functions of functional plant nutrition extract organic combine, will have a variety of different ingredients into products, these components cooperate with each other, from function, make the products were prepared from high didn't force, promote liver cells, free on alcohol liver lipid oxidative damage and damage have the effect of the auxiliary protection.

Mushroom jujube composite health bag drink

Lentinus edodes is the fruiting body of the fungus vanilla in the phylum fungi, belonging to the family basidiomycetes, and one of the world's famous fungi eaters.It has the function of improving body immunity, delaying senescence, preventing cancer, lowering blood fat, blood pressure and cholesterol.Xianggu jujube composite health care bag drink, is selected shandong local jujube and xianggu made of thick, rich fragrance, microstrip light caramel taste.After orthogonal test, the dosage of lentinus edodes and jujube was finally determined: 30%-40% of lentinus edodes, 60%-70% of jujube, and the baking temperature was 95 C.Made of mushroom jujube composite health bag drink, greatly improve the income of local residents.

Jujube vinegar

Jujube vinegar is really cellarized and fermented, with good taste, mellow and rich flavor, with the effect of beauty and beauty, anti-alcoholic and liver protection, long-term drinking can reduce blood fat, increase body resistance, enhance the immune system, known as vascular scavenger and intestinal scavenger, is a healthy drink for business people and fashion people.

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