Study on the technology of jujube solid beverage


Reddates is a mature fruit of the plant jujube belonging to the family of prune. It is listed as the first health food among the same origin of medicine and food in China. It has been one of the five fruits (peach, plum, plum, apricot and date) since ancient times.Chinese herbal book "book of classics" has recorded, red dates taste warm and sweet, invigorating qi and nourishing blood, return to the spleen and stomach meridian, with the effect of nourishing qi and blood, beauty, calm the spirit and strong body, it has been used as - - traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years of history, folk known as "an eclipse of three dates, 100 years old does not show the old".Jujube has long been regarded as a mild, nourishing and strong food.

Red jujube

Jujube is one of the unique fruits in China. It has a long history of cultivation.Red jujube is rich in nutrition and comprehensive, known as "woody food, nourishing good", red jujube has been favored by the majority of consumers: it has a good prospect of development and utilization.

Recent studies also found that jujube contains A variety of nutrients, known as the "natural vitamin pills ", especially the vitamin A, B, C contained in the body can participate in many oxidation metabolism, in order to maintain the luster of the skin lubrication;The trace elements of calcium, phosphorus and iron can regulate the balance of blood acid and alkali, regulate the metabolism of blood and sweat glands, strengthen skin nutrition, protect the liver, enhance muscle strength and increase weight.The active ingredients in jujube can increase skin nutrition, muscle strength and body weight, which is related to TCM theory that jujube can warm and nourish the spleen, the spleen is the source of vital energy and blood biochemistry, and the main muscle and limb.

Pharmacological effects of jujube

Jujube is a good health food with many physiological functions, mainly as follows:

(1) improve the body immunity.Jujube is rich in jujube polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, galacturonic acid and other saccharides. In addition, it contains Vb1, Vb2, Vpp, Vc and other vitamins as well as Ca, P, K, Mg and other minerals, which have a strong tonic effect and can improve the body's immunity and enhance the resistance.

(2) anti-cancer, anti-aging.The triterpenoids and adenosine diphosphate in jujube can inhibit the growth and reproduction of cancer cells.The highest content of Vc in jujube is a highly active reductive antioxidant substance, which can prevent the chronic deposition of melanin in the body.Eat jujube regularly can make complexion whiter, reduce the formation of senile plaque effectively.

(3) liver protection nourishing the liver.Compendium of materia medica clearly records that jujube has the effect of "nourishing the spleen in the middle" and considers it as the fruit of the spleen.Modern medical research shows that the saccharide and polysaccharide contained in jujube have the function of protecting liver and protecting liver.Red jujube can reduce serum glutamate transaminase level, for acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis patients with higher serum transaminase content of patients have a good effect.Polysaccharides in jujube can promote proliferation of lymphocytes and spleen.Vc and cAMP in jujube can reduce the damage of various chemical drugs to the liver, promote protein synthesis, and increase the serum total protein content.

(4) nourish qi and blood.Jujube - straight is regarded as the first-class tonic, in the diet medicine often add jujube to nourish the body, moisten qi and blood, anemia, thrombocytopenia, body deficiency and lack of energy and other qi deficiency disease of the curative effect is significant, is the disease and postpartum women blood nourishing yuan, the first choice of tonic.

(5) prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.Jujube rich in Vc not only has the role of antioxidant, and maintain the elasticity of the capillary, reduce the permeability of the vascular wall, prevention and treatment of capillary bleeding.The rutin in red jujube, can make hemal bate, make blood pressure drops, have better curative effect to treating hypertensive.

(6) anti-allergy.Jujube contains cAMP, ethyl a-d-furan fructose glycoside, etc. Ethyl a-d-furan fructose glycoside has resistance to 5-hydroxytryptamine and histamine, as well as anti-allergic effect.CAMP has the function of hormone activity and catecholamine.After oral administration of jujube, cAMP is absorbed by the digestive tract and transferred to the distal tissues, so that the ratio of cAMP and cGMP in these cells keeps increasing, which is the management mechanism of the anti-allergic effect of jujube, and provides a scientific basis for better treatment of bronchial asthma and allergic diseases with traditional Chinese medicine prescription.Clinical and pharmacological research found that jujube has anti - allergic effect, can be used to treat drug allergy and other allergic diseases caused by allergic purpura.Someone USES jujube decoction to anaphylactoid purpura patient is taken internally, haemorrhage spot is subsided very quickly.In addition, jujube ethanol extract also has a good effect on the treatment of allergic diseases.

(7) calm the nerves, promote sleep.Jujube contains flavonoids - diglucoside A has sedative, hypnotic effect.One of the grapefruit with the c-glycoside has the central inhibitory effect, so jujube has a sedative and tranquilizing, promoting the role of sleep.

Health function of jujube

Nutritional value and medicinal value of jujube

Jujube is a traditional tonic that Chinese people love very much. It has high nutritional value.

Jujube is rich in vitamin, especially Vc, which can be as high as 380-600mg per 100g fresh jujube.Vc is involved in the maintenance of cell metabolism, which is conducive to tissue healing.Jujube in other vitamins such as Vb1, Vb2 is also richer, can reduce the occurrence of beriberi and oral inflammation;The minerals in jujube, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc, are directly involved in the metabolism of the human body and maintain the osmotic pressure balance inside and outside the cell.The unique jujube polysaccharides and flavonoids can remove free radicals in the body and help the body to delay aging.Adenosine cyclophosphate and guanosine cyclophosphate can dilate blood vessels, enhance myocardial contractility, reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, and prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases. Organic acids in jujube, such as malic acid, tartaric acid and linoleic acid, have important physiological functions of enhancing body immunity.Pentacyclic triterpenes in red jujube have a strong inhibitory effect on the growth of cancer cells.Eating jujube can nourish health, invigorate gas and blood, nourish the stomach and spleen.

Edible taboo of red dates

Although jujube has many advantages, eating too much of it can also have some negative effects.Excessive consumption of fresh jujube, make too much stomach acid, resulting in abdominal distension diarrhea;Jujube can produce phlegm raw wet, not suitable for constipation, heat of the crowd;Jujube contains too much sugar, not suitable for diabetics.


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