Red jujube artificial drying technology


The jujube fruit is sweet and nutritious, rich in nutrients, high in vitamin C and sugar, and is a folk tonic. Red dates contain rutin, which is an effective ingredient for the treatment of hypertension. The processing of jujube dry has two methods of natural drying and artificial drying. The following describes the artificial drying technology of red dates.

red dates

Preheating phase: The temperature gradually rises to 50-55 °C. When the baking tray is sent to the drying room, the ventilation equipment and doors and windows are closed, and the bottom gate of the chimney is opened to help increase the firepower and increase the temperature in the drying room. Generally, it takes 4h to 6 hours to complete the preheating. Different varieties have different preheating time, and large fruit varieties and dense and thick skins require a long time to preheat.

Evaporation stage: increase the firepower, and within 8 to 12 hours, raise the temperature of the drying room (refer to the middle temperature of the middle section of the drying room) to 60 ~ 65 °C, not more than 70 °C. At this stage, it is necessary to diligently ignite, ash, and add coal to make the fire strong, and quickly increase the indoor temperature and accelerate the evaporation of the free water of the jujube. When the temperature of the jujube body reaches 60 °C or above and the relative humidity reaches 70%, the ventilation and dehumidification in the drying room are immediately performed. Generally, 8 to 10 ventilation and dehumidification are performed per drying cycle. At the evaporation stage, pay attention to the rewinding and turning over the dates to avoid local overheating.

Drying completion stage: The firepower should not be too large, and the temperature in the drying room should not be lower than 50 °C. If the relative humidity is higher than 60%, ventilation and dehumidification should be carried out, the number of times should be reduced correspondingly to the evaporation stage, and the time should be shortened. It usually takes about 6 hours.

Dried jujubes must be ventilated and cooled before they can be stored in storage.

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