Jujube: the "king of all fruits" who nourishes qi and blood


Red jujube.Also known as dates, dates.Since ancient times has been listed as one of the "five fruits" (peach, plum, plum, apricot, jujube), a long history.Jujube nutrition and health care function, in ancient times was discovered and used by people, known as the "king of fruit”.

Nutritional analysis

According to historical records.Jujube is the original China's traditional high - quality specialty tree species.Through archaeologists from xinzheng feiligang cultural site found date stone fossils, prove dates in China has a history of more than 8,000 years.As early as in the western zhou dynasty, people began to use red dates to ferment and brew red dates wine as a fine tribute to entertain guests and friends.Modern pharmacology has found that jujube contains protein, fat, sugar, organic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, trace calcium amino acids and other rich nutrients.

1.Jujube can improve human immunity and inhibit cancer cells.Pharmacological research found that jujube can promote the production of white blood cells, reduce serum cholesterol, improve serum albumin, protect the liver, jujube also contains inhibition of cancer cells, even can make the cancer cells into normal cells into the material.

2. The person that often edible fresh jujube suffers from gallstone rarely, this is because the rich vitamin C in fresh jujube, make inside body redundant cholesterol turns into bile acid, cholesterol is little, the probability that stone forms also reduces subsequently.

3 jujube is rich in calcium and iron, they have an important role in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, anemia, middle-aged and elderly menopause often osteoporosis, is the growth peak of youth and women prone to anemia, jujube for them will have a very ideal effect of dietary therapy, its effect is usually not comparable to drugs.

4. It also has a good tonic effect on the sick people.

5.Jujube contains rutin, is a kind of blood vessel softening, so that the blood pressure to reduce the material, has the prevention and treatment effect on hypertension.

6.Jujube can also fight allergies, in addition to the smelly strange taste, calm mind, mental health, enhance appetite.Red jujube

Pharmacological effects

Chinese herbal medicine book "this classic" records that red dates taste sweet and warm, the spleen and stomach meridians, have the function of invigorating qi, nourishing blood and calming the nerves, and moderating the medicinal properties.Modern pharmacological research shows that jujube can enhance the oxygen content in the blood, nourish the cells of the whole body, and is a kind of strong agent to ease the drug effect.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the application of jujube can be divided into the following:

1. Invigorate spleen and stomach: for people with weak spleen and stomach, diarrhea, listlessness and weakness, eat seven red dates a day, or share them with dangshen and atractylodes, which can replenish qi, strengthen spleen and stomach, increase appetite and stop diarrhea.Jujube and ginger, pinellia with the treatment of food caused by careless gastritis such as stomach distension, vomiting and other symptoms.

2. Nourishing qi and blood: jujube is a good tonic product. It is often added into the diet to nourish the body and moisten qi and blood.Dr. Sun Andy of immunology of national Taiwan university strongly advocates eating more red dates, astragalus and medlar at ordinary times, which can promote the vitality of the body and enhance the immunity.Nutrition and health function of jujube

3. Nourish the blood and calm the mind: female bipolar disorder, crying restlessness, restless, with red dates and licorice, wheat with (gan mai jujube soup), can play the effect of nourishing the blood and calm the mind, soothing the liver and relieving depression.In the spirit of nervous, disturbed in the heart, sleep disturbed or general menopause syndrome, the prescription of Chinese medicine often add red dates, mainly red dates have a sedative effect, so usually if the life is tense, might as well add some red dates in the main course soup with food.

4. Moderating the effects: red dates are often used in powerful prescriptions to reduce the side effects of strong drugs and protect vital qi.Such as: "ten jujube soup", with jujube to alleviate ganhence, euphorbia, turnip flower and other laxative toxicity.Protect the spleen and stomach.

5.Cancer prevention: the vitamin c content in jujube ingredient is very high, and contain the composition such as ring phosphoric acid adenosine and hawthorn acid, through the study proves above 3 all contain the effect that inhibits cancer, that is to say jujube has good beforehand

Anti-cancer effect, suitable for the modern environment of healthy food.

6. Protect the liver: due to the composition of triterpenoids contained in red dates, which can inhibit the activity of hepatitis virus, Chinese medicine has long used the "nourishing the liver soup" of red dates to detoxify nourishing the liver.In addition, jujube can also improve the phagocytic function of the mononuclear phagocytic cell system in vivo, which can protect the liver and enhance immunity.In addition, some patients with chronic liver disease have relatively low protein in their body, while jujube is rich in amino acids, which are conducive to protein synthesis, can prevent symptoms of low protein, and achieve the purpose of strengthening spleen nourishing the liver.For some patients with chronic liver disease, in addition to regular monitoring under the guidance of a specialist, you can eat more natural dates every day to protect the liver.

7. Jujube soup has obvious effect on postpartum anemia, weakness of qi and blood and postpartum nursing.In addition, jujube can also reduce due to insufficient effort caused by the rapid heartbeat, restless night sleep and dizziness and other symptoms.Postpartum women drink, can reduce irritability and depression.

In fact, the way to eat jujube is also learned, boiled food is a better choice, because, this will not change the effect of tonic medicine, also can avoid eating raw caused by diarrhea, spleen injury.Moreover, the dates themselves have a sweet taste that can replace MSG when stewed.But if put in too much, will make the person feels sweet easily instead.The so-called "sweet can make people full", meaning that sweet food is easy to make people feel full.Therefore, too many dates will make the appetite not open, appetite loss.

Jujube in traditional Chinese medicine belongs to warm and tonic food, this kind of food is not suitable for eating too much at one time, otherwise it is easy to cause fire, the appearance of raw mouth, bubbles, nosebleed and other phenomena, especially the people with internal heat constitution, more should eat less jujube.Jujube nutritional value is very high, very delicious, can eat jujube people know, jujube skin is very hard, very difficult to digest, eating too much jujube will lead to gastrointestinal tract there are a lot of jujube skin, affect digestion, cause bloating.

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